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About S3S

A No Nonsense Philosopy

The Hard Facts

Law Enforcement does an excellent job and as much as we would like to think they can be everywhere at all times, they simply cannot. The first line of safety is the sole responsibility of the individual.

No matter what level of preventive measures an individual can implement, the 3S's, "We simply don't get to choose when our safety might become compromised". We must be able to react and adapt when that time comes, if it happens.

It is unfortunate that in these times, there are individuals and groups permitted to exist in this country who have such a hatred for the United States, and freedoms and way of life, they want nothing more than to cause harm and or death to us.

Every day we have the opportunity to face life threatening situations. With the presence of threat factors, from a common street thug robber, rapist, purse snatching, car jacking's, to threats of terrorism from "Islamic Extremists" factions, multi-layer personal protection is warranted.

Personal protection comes in many forms, deadly force, to self defense and hand-to-hand combat, electronic defensive items, to chemical defensive agents.

S3S Tactical Solutions

S3S is Situational Awareness, Strategy, and Stand your Ground.

The 3-S Factor's

Situational Awareness

Identifying and understanding what is going on around you, paying attention to your surroundings, and the ability to process a challenging and changing situation. We don't get to chose when an encounter happens. What we can do is be aware of our surroundings, understand the immediate environment, make assessments. Situational Awareness is understanding your place within all else around you. You are the actor in theater.


Have a plan, an exit strategy if a situation develops into an interactive theater. Have a strategy for removing yourself from a situation when situation awareness factors have not prevailed. If encountering a situation, have a strategy for resolving your position. Have an exit plan, an interaction protocol. Strategy is knowing what reactions can be taken in response to actions.

Stand Your Ground

As a last stand, and when all other strategies have been exhausted, and an individual is faced with imminent danger, it may become necessary to stand your ground.

If a situation does not possess a strategy or retreat, it may be necessary to Stand your Ground to protect yourself. It is third, as it is a last resort if all other factors do not resolve.

Use of force is a serious decision, a decision that should be a last resort when all options are exhausted, or imminent danger is unavoidable, not negotiable. That said, use of force should be maintained as an option, before it becomes the only option.