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On Your "6"

Someone following you is serious business, not to be taken lightly. Maintain a “Strategic Awareness” of your surroundings. We maintain a large selection of self-defense items Enter Online Store.

On Foot

If you are on foot, maintain a public presence, gas station, place of business, any place where other people might be present and could assist.
Maybe have someone call law enforcement for you. Do not lead yourself into a situation where you have no out. If you have a phone, you can text or call 911, if you are in a position to do so. Take notice of street signs, intersections, so you can identify to dispatchers your location. Identify yourself, your clothing, attributes about you. Do you have a whistle, or other type of loud annunciator? Do you have self defense sprays? Defensive aerosols can be tricky to use if you are not familiar with their use. First, you have to be close to the individual whom you are defending yourself against, not the best situation to be in. If you are down wind, you could find yourself being affected by the aerosol, again, not good. There are gel type sprays, which provide a concentrated stream of defensive solution.


Driving a vehicle, again, maintain a public presence, seek populous areas. Do no lead yourself into a situation where you do not have a way out. Gas stations, fire stations, grocery stores, fast food drive through, etc…, somewhere there are people and resources. Fast food places are great because, you can simply place an order, and tell them to place a 911 call.

If driving, continue to drive, making many turns, take a freeway exit, try to lose the tail. If the person is really tailing you, they will likely follow all your maneuvers. Avoid any instinct to get home as fast as possible. Doing so, you just identified where you live and might as well have turned over the keys to your house. Call law enforcement if you can. Do not speed, do not panic, maintain your calm.

Maintain Distance

In most cases, persons who might have undesirable interest in you may have been watching you for some period of time. They may already have established your personal habits, daily patterns, your routine.

Under no circumstances, ever confront an individual who you know is tailing you. Unless you are Chuck Norris or Bruce Willis, it likely will not work out in your favor. Maintain high visibility, line of sight, high people density areas, well lighted areas. Many cities now are populated with security cameras on street corners. These are great aids to law enforcement for maintaining visual contact with you, as long as you can traverse areas where you know cameras are located.

Always keep vigilant of your surroundings and people behaviors. Avoid unknown areas of conflict or large gatherings, these could very well be a setup for abduction. Always keep a casual glance or memory of surroundings you visit, if something looks out of place, consider taking some precautionary measures.

I know much of what has been stated might by some be considered excessive, and the ideas present are only a small sampling of measures. Think of it this way, if just one of the above measures keeps you away from a bad situation or helps you get out of a bad situation, then it all paid off.

You can live to talk about it.

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